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The Toolbar and Basic Site Information

Admin Toolbar

Admin Toolbar
Note: Your site may include slightly different buttons than those depicted above.

Once authenticated, the Admin Toolbar will appear on every page at the top of your site and will display your NetID.
Note: If another NetID appears, log out immediately.

The house icon on the far left of the toolbar will always bring you to the Front Page of your website.

You can log out of the site at anytime by using the link on the far right of the toolbar.


Admin Shortcuts

Quick Links

Clicking the arrow on the right side of the toolbar opens up the shortcuts menu where you can access menu items with a single click.

Shortcuts are editable by clicking Edit shortcuts on the right side of the shortcut bar.

Hide the shortcut bar by clicking the arrow again.


Site Information

There are a number of details that you can change on the Site Information page. From the Admin Toolbar, hover your mouse over Configuration > System and click Site Information.

Site Information


Site Details

On the Site Information page, Site Details can be changed including Site Name, Slogan (if your site has one), and Email address.

Site Contact
The email address that you enter in the E-mail Address field will automatically be used as the "Site Contact" link in the footer of your site.

Save Changes
Don't forget to save the page by clicking Save Configuration, otherwise your changes will be lost.

Note: The remaining information for FRONT PAGE and ERROR PAGES should be left alone unless otherwise specified.

Site Details