The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Introduction to Menus

Menu Blocks

The Main Menu and Secondary Main Menu allow visitors to easily navigate your site. These menus list links to important pages on your site and allow visitors to easily and freely access content. The pages within your site should be structured in an easy to use and deliberate manner based upon a strategic sitemap.

The Main Menu accross the top of the site lists the hierarchy that all of the site pages should fall within. Think of these links as sections of your website.

The Secondary Main Menu on the side of your site lists the content within each section.



Configuring Menus

Hover your mouse over the menu block and click the gear icon that appear on the right side of the menu and click List Links to bring up the Menu Link page.

Note: Changes to the Menu Link page will not take affect until you click Save Configuration at the bottom of the page.

List Links

Rearranging Links
Use the move icon to drag links up and down to rearrange their order. You can also move links left and right to place them in a different section of the site.

Menu Link

Note: Sites can be set up to display different menu depths. Contact University Relations if you are having issues displaying multi-tiered navigation items.


Disabling Menu Items
You can disable a menu link by clicking the checkbox in the ENABLED column to uncheck that menu item from displaying on your site. To re-enable the link, click the checkbox again so the check appears. Click Save Configuration when you are ready to save your changes.



Adding Menu Links
You can add menu links via the Add Link button at the top of the Menu Link page, but the page you are linking to needs to be created in advance. For that reason, the preferred method for adding links is to do so when you are creating a page rather than through this interface.

Add Link