The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Email Signature

When communicating on behalf of the university, it is important to present yourself in a professional manner that is consistent with the university's brand and role as a state institution. Branded email signatures are available for use by university employees. Use the tool below to generate an approved email signature for use in Microsoft Outlook’s desktop client and Office 365. Use a text-only email signature for mobile devices. Other than the university’s logo, do not use images or logos within the email signature. Do not add personal messages, quotes, slogans or taglines to your professional email signature. While these may reflect your personal views, they may not reflect the official position of the university and may be misinterpreted by recipients as being "official" university communication.

Personal Information
Type your name—how you like to be addressed. (Do not use a formal name if you do not regularly go by it.) When applicable, professional designations or certifications may be placed directly after your name. ex: Jane Doe, FAIA
ex: she/her/hers | he/him/his | they/them/theirs
School or College, Executive Level Non-Academic Support Function, Libraries, Mount Ida, UMass Center at Springfield
Department, Institute, Program, or Center
ex: 181 Presidents Drive
ex: 101 Whitmore Administration Building
5 digit or 5+4 format is acceptable
Phone Numbers
ex: 413-555-5555
ex: 413-555-5555
Only include a fax number if it is necessary information for your role at the university.
Email and Website
If you are adding a web address, include the short URL for your unit. ex:
Wordmark Styles
Our wordmarks are the primary visual representations of our brand. They act as our signature and are the common thread among all forms of communication. This is why it is essential that we treat them consistently across all media. The guideline for any version of the UMass Amherst wordmark is very simple: only use approved wordmarks and do not change them in any way.
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Division, Department or Office Social Media Outlets
Only accounts affiliated with the University may be utilized.
Campaign Banner
Select a campaign graphic you would like to include in your email signature.
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