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Undergraduate Reactivation Form

Use this form if you were previously matriculated into a University+ (formerly University Without Walls (UWW) or Continuing & Professional Education (CPE)) undergraduate degree program AND enrolled in classes and are now interested in applying to either your original program or a different online undergraduate program

NOTE: If you were matriculated but then withdrew BEFORE enrolling in any classes, do not use this form. You will need to complete the Undergraduate Application.

e.g. Spring 2017
e.g. Fall 2022
e.g. Spring 2025
If you have been away from UMass Amherst for 3 full years, you may be eligible for Fresh Start. Upon verification of eligibility, we will send you the Fresh Start form for completion. You must return the completed form by the end of Add/Drop of your first term back.
By submitting this form, you are acknowledging that if you do not return the completed Fresh Start form by the end of Add/Drop of your first term back, you will forfeit your right to have Fresh Start applied to your record.