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Intermediate Korean II


This course is the second part of the intermediate Korean, which is designed for students who have taken Intermediate Korean I or proven to be at the equivalent proficiency. This course aims at the acquisition of Korean language skills to speak, listen, read and write at the intermediate level. Students will make a paragraph level discourse, narratives and reports. In addition to the classroom instruction, there will be an hour of conversation session with the tutors, which students have to attend every week to practice speaking. In accordance with the national standards in foreign language education, all Five Cs (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities) will be emphasized in the course. Completing level 245 satisfies the intermediate language level required by HFA.
Course Details

Summer 2024


Jul 8, 2024 - Aug 16, 2024
Jee Hyun Lee
Prerequisite: KOREAN 235
Base Cost: $2,200 ($550/credit)
Term Fee: $85
Start date: Jul 08, 2024
End date: Aug 16, 2024
Last day to add: Jul 12, 2024
Last day to drop: Jul 12, 2024
Last day to withdraw: Jul 31, 2024