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Probability and Statistics

E&C-ENG 214

Probability: Experiments, models and probabilities; conditional probability and independence; single discrete and single continuous random variables; Gaussian random variables; expectation; pairs of random variables; random vectors; sums of random variables and the Central Limit Theorm. Statistics: Parameter estimation and confidence intervals; hypothesis testing, estimation of random variables.
Course Details

Summer 2024


Univ+ Class with Moodle
Jul 8, 2024 - Aug 16, 2024
Hossein Pishro-Nik
Prerequisites: E&C-ENG 201 and 202
Base Cost: $2,200 ($550/credit)
Term Fee: $85
Start date: Jul 08, 2024
End date: Aug 16, 2024
Last day to add: Jul 12, 2024
Last day to drop: Jul 12, 2024
Last day to withdraw: Jul 31, 2024