Responding to the Needs of the Moment

The Office of Issues Management enables a timely, consistent, and structured response to university incidents and crises. Led by the associate vice chancellor for issues management (AVCIM), our unit partners with leadership across the university to anticipate, avert, and mitigate issues that have the potential to disrupt the university.

The AVCIM chairs the Incident Response Team (IRT), a cross-functional group of administrators charged with monitoring and reporting on potential and active issues within their units. The IRT will also regularly convene for long-term horizon scanning and discussion of emerging trends within the cultural and higher ed landscape. 

Our office also supports emergency response and media relations. Through this work, University Relations seeks to ensure that the university’s reputation is protected through actively building trust and transparency between the institution and its constituents during times of heightened public attention. 

Headshot of Samuel Masinter
Samuel Masinter

Associate Vice Chancellor for Issues Management

Masinter’s role is to anticipate emerging issues and enable a timely, consistent and structured response to university incidents and crises.
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