Creating authentic and meaningful communications that keep our values top of mind

UMass Amherst values the success and well-being of every individual in our community. We have a responsibility to provide access and opportunities for all people while demonstrating our commitment to the inclusion of historically underrepresented groups. A culturally diverse campus is integral to academic excellence and our students, faculty, and staff should reflect the diverse world in which we live.  

Therefore, articulating the stories that bring this remarkable institution to life means showing the excellence of our community in ways that authentically represent all members and groups and that uphold our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Working closely with the Office of Equity and Inclusion, University Relations can provide guidance and best practices to help you create communications that honor the differences that enrich our campus, give visibility to the access and resources available to underrepresented groups, and demonstrate a culture that respects the sense of belonging needed for individuals to thrive. 

Best Practice Tips

Use inclusive language. Communicating effectively acknowledges diversity, conveys respect to all people, is sensitive to differences, and promotes equal opportunities. Inclusive language is effective language.