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Do you have a project UR's MarCom team can help you with? Do you need to submit a support ticket? Have a great idea for a website enhancement? If you want to work with us or need our help, start by filling out our form here. 

On this page, you'll find more information about the types of services we provide. If you're not sure your project fits into what we do, submit a request, and if we're not able to accept your project, we'll assist you in finding other resources or vendors who can help you out.

Design building at sunset


Design and editorial services are available for schools and colleges, academic departments, administrative units, major initiatives, events, centers and institutes, and more. 

Screenshot of the homepage of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Website, showing the name of the college and a photo of a group of students at the Capitol Building in Washington DC.

Web Development

Drupal web development services are available on a fee-for-service basis to campus groups that exclusively host their website on the Information Technology (IT) web server. Our services are available to:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Academic departments
  • Administrative units

Websites for individual faculty, faculty projects, student projects, student organizations, or those that are funded by grants or federal appropriation funds do not qualify for our services. Faculty should contact the Instructional Media Lab for information. The new Wordpress platform is also available for centers, institutes, and student organizations, among others.

Fireworks going off over the football stadium at night during a dedication ceremony for the Football Performance Center


On a limited basis, University Relations also offers assistance with assignment photography. You can submit a request for consideration.