When communicating on behalf of the university, it is important to present yourself in a professional manner that is consistent with the university's brand and role as a state institution. Branded email signatures are available for use by university employees. Use the tool below to generate an approved email signature for use in Microsoft Outlook’s desktop client and Office 365. Use a text-only email signature for mobile devices. Other than the university’s logo, do not use images or logos within the email signature. Do not add personal messages, quotes, slogans, or taglines to your professional email signature. While these may reflect your personal views, they may not reflect the official position of the university and may be misinterpreted by recipients as being official university communication.

First Last
Title 1
Title 2
Primary Unit / Sub Unit
100 Address Drive
Building Name #00
Amherst, Massachusetts 01003
Alt: 413-545-0000
Fax: 413-545-0000

University of Massachusetts Amherst

How To Use This Signature

  1. Select and copy the example signature above, including the University of Massachusetts Amherst logo.
  2. In Outlook, open a new email message and click Signature > Signature (or Manage Signatures).
  3. Select + and type a name for the signature.
  4. Remove anything already in the signature area using Ctrl+A (Cmd+A on Mac) and pressing backspace or delete.
  5. Paste the signature that you copied from step one by right-clicking and choosing Paste.
  6. Replace the template information with your own contact information. 
  7. Save your signature by clicking the "Save" button.
  8. In the Signatures window, under "Choose default signature," set the "New messages" and/or "Replies/forwards" dropdown menus to your new saved signature.
  9. Close the signature window and test out your new signature.