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The goal of the Web Ecosystem project is to bring the main externally facing sites, which represent our university brand to external audiences, onto a unified technical platform with an assisted development model supported by clear governance. ​

What is it? 

  • The Web Ecosystem is the new cloud-based paradigm for creating and launching up-to-date and on-brand websites at the university. 

  • A partnership between the University MarCom Group and Information Technology to provide services and support for the next generation of high-performing websites. 

  • An opportunity to align website content to enhance the prospective student experience while raising the visibility of our research institutes, student learning outcomes, alumni success, and faculty achievements. 

  • December presentation introducing the project and vendor to campus communicators

How should I prepare? 

  • Review the Web content guide prepared by Lullabot.

  • Review your site content and identify anything that's stale, outdated, or redundant. 

  • Review any documents, images, and other files used in your site (PDFs, Word, etc.) to ensure that they meet the universities' accessibility requirements or if they could be converted into webpage content instead. 


University MarCom team members are in contact with campus communicators. Information regarding website content strategy and site preparation from the Ecosystem Project team members will be found through this website.