Recreational Fisheries of Coastal New England


Designed for the angler and nature enthusiast as well as for the student and professional fisheries manager, this beautifully illustrated book provides a wealth of information about the fishes and fisheries of New England. More than a field guide, tie explores the complex interaction between fishes and humans and traces the history of public conservation efforts in the northeast coastal region.

The first section of the book examines the life cycles and general ecology of fishes, the habitats in which they live, and the management policies that have been developed to protect them.

The second section, highlighted by detailed line drawings, profiles some forty-four New England fish species--from shad and shark to swordfish and bluefish--explaining the distinctive biology of each and discussing the condition of the respective populations. This section includes useful information for anglers on how to catch, handle, and store different species, along with a number of recipes.

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