Minotaur, Parrot, and the SS Man

Essays on Jorge de Sena


An undisputed giant of twentieth-century Portuguese letters, writer and literary critic Jorge de Sena (1919–1978) spent the most productive decades of his life away from Portugal, teaching at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the University of California, Santa Barbara. In the essays gathered in this collection, George Monteiro deftly weaves together his readings of Sena’s poetry and prose, both literary and critical, with evidence drawn from the deep well of Sena’s biographical archive, focusing in particular on his Brazilian and U.S. years. This expansive overview of Sena’s unparalleled career, intended to commemorate the centenary of the writer’s birth, is also a tribute to Monteiro’s own remarkably voluminous and far-reaching body of work on the intersection of Portuguese and Anglo-American literary studies.

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