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Four by Euripides

Medea, Bakkhai, Hippolytos, and Cyclops



Robert Bagg’s translations are prized for making ancient Greek dramas immediate and gripping. His earlier translations of the plays of Sophocles and Euripides have been performed over seventy times, across a wide array of stages. This edition includes accessible new translations of four plays by Euripides—the tragedies Medea, Bakkhai, and Hippolytos, and the satyr play Cyclops—all rendered in iambic pentameter, a meter well­suited for the stage. They sustain the strengths that Bagg is known for: taut and vivid language and faithfulness to the Greek. Students new to the world of classical drama will find rich and informative introductions to each work, explanatory notes, and stage directions that evoke the plays’ original fifth­century BCE Athenian settings.

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