A Conscious Stillness

Two Naturalists on Thoreau's Rivers


In this delightful book, two distinguished naturalists share their enthusiasm and discoveries about two historic rivers of Thoreau country--the Sudbury and Assabet, which join to form the Concord River. Over a period of several years, the authors visited Concord, canoed and walked beside its rivers in all seasons, sketched and photographed the flora and fauna, and shared their thoughts and concerns. They tracked down elusive facts in libraries and from local residents, pored over Thoreau's journals and the writings of early explorers, and combined their observations to form a charming profile of the region, its history, and its people. The result is a mingling of two eloquent voices--a book packed with information about the lives of local Indians and early settlers; attitudes toward farming and manufacturing; the problems created by industrial and human pollution; and the joys of river watching.

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