Library of the Indies

In the seventeenth century, Dutch seafarers brought back reports of their journeys to the East Indies, a realm of over three thousand islands that in time and for a time would be under Dutch rule during the period of Empire. The twelve-volume Library of the Indies presents in English translation, with critical introductions and notes, a substantial body of the literature that arose from the encounter of the Dutch with the tropical Indies, during a period of over three centuries. It includes narratives of journeys, histories, nature studies, essays, and novels. It is a literature of great creativity and irony, a record of the lost cause and expectations of a colonial power.

Books in this series were published with the support of the Translations Program of the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Foundation for the Promotion of the Translation of Dutch Literary Works, and the Prince Bernhard Fund.

Series Editor

E. M. Beekman (deceased)
Multatuli Professor of Dutch Literature, Language, and Culture
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Titles (arranged by year of publication)

[node-title] The Hidden Force 1990
Fugitive Dreams
An Anthology of Dutch Colonial Literature
[node-title] Ups and Downs of Life in the Indies 1987
Country of Origin 1984
[node-title] Two Tales of the East Indies
"The Last House in the World" and "The Counselor"
[node-title] The Islands 1983
[node-title] The Ten Thousand Things 1983
[node-title] Mirror of the Indies
A History of Dutch Colonial Literature
[node-title] Faded Portraits 1982
[node-title] The Poison Tree
Selected Writings of Rumphius on the Natural History of the Indies