Rights, Permissions, and Translations

All books published by the University of Massachusetts Press are held under copyright. We are responsible for protecting copyright on behalf of our authors, and we ask you to respect copyright when using our material.

Reprints and reuse

For permission to reprint or reuse material from University of Massachusetts Press books, you may use the Permission Request Form; or send a detailed written request which includes the information on the form. Please note that our response time to each request depends upon the accuracy and completeness of the information provided.

If you are requesting permission to use our material other than in a new publication, please provide as much detail as possible about the intended reuse, including how our material will be presented, the audience for your reuse, and if you will charge for your reuse.

Please be aware that there may be fees involved when material held under copyright is reproduced. If a fee has been assessed for use of University of Massachusetts Press material, full payment is due on or before publication or use.

Send your permissions requests to:
University of Massachusetts Press
East Experiment Station
671 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003
Fax: 413-545-1226

Illustrations and photographs

The University of Massachusetts Press can only authorize the use of material for which we hold the copyright. Many of the illustrations in our books are controlled by other parties. To determine the source of a particular image, check the credit line adjacent to the image as well as the list of credits in the front and back matter of the book. Please direct your permission request to the cited source. For those images that are controlled by the University of Massachusetts Press, please see Reprints and reuse.

Translations, foreign rights, and film rights

Inquiries about translation rights, foreign rights, and film rights should be directed to the Press director, Mary Dougherty, at mvd@umpress.umass.edu. 

Coursepacks and e-reserve

Reproducing material for classroom use requires the permission of the copyright holder and may involve fees. Classroom use includes material reproduced in coursepacks, placed in e-reserve, and posted in online course management systems such as Blackboard and Web CT.

To secure permission to reproduce material from a University of Massachusetts Press book for classroom use, please contact Copyright Clearance Center, which handles all of our classroom permissions.

Alternate formats for students with print disabilities

Campus disability services offices may request a digital file of a University of Massachusetts Press book that has been assigned to a student with a print disability. We will provide a PDF file if one is available, or a copy of the book to be converted into the format you need. If we do not have files or copies of the book, we will give you permission to convert the book you purchased into the required format. Please confirm that a copy of the book has been purchased by or on behalf of the student.

E-mail your request from an educational e-mail address to cjandree@umpress.umass.edu or fax your request on department letterhead to 413-545-1226.

Resources and information about copyright and fair use

Permission FAQs: Author Responsibilities and Copyright Guidelines courtesy of the Association of American University Presses (AAUP)

Myths About Fair Use article from Inside Higher Ed

Copyright Basics at Copyright Clearance Center

Fair Use at U.S. Copyright Office

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Copyright Advisory Office at Columbia University Libraries/Information Services