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historic cartoon Prophets, Publicists, and Parasites
Antebellum Print Culture and the Rise of the Critic
battle drawing over an orange background A Wolf by the Ears 2020
photo of a small blonde girl with a blindfold and her hands up feeling around Senseless Women 2020
picture of 1960s fashion model standing in a doorway with arms outstretched The Memory Eaters 2020
abstracted Whistler painting of night sky with clouds, sparks, stars Stardust Media 2020
The Poems of Renata Ferreira 2020
book title surrounding an early American painting depicting a ship at sea Collecting the Globe
The Salem East India Marine Society Museum
paintings of birds perched and in flight overlaying leaves and butterflies Flight Calls
Exploring Massachusetts through Birds
historic lithograph depicting two men at work in a print shop American Intelligence
Small-Town News and Political Culture in Federalist New Hampshire
black and white photo of British fishermen's wives marching in protest Contested and Dangerous Seas
North Atlantic Fishermen, Their Wives, Unions, and the Politics of Exclusion
orange background with classical Greek image of serpent and warriors Four by Euripides
Medea, Bakkhai, Hippolytos, and Cyclops
piece of torn paper revealing title of the book The Intimacy of Paper in Early and Nineteenth-Century American Literature 2019
Minotaur, Parrot, and the SS Man
Essays on Jorge de Sena
silhouette of a child looking out through the hands of an enormous clock Time for Childhoods
Young Poets and Questions of Agency
Shaker Vision
Seeing Beauty in Early America
color photo of a historic ship with an American flag flying overhead Preserving Maritime America
A Cultural History of the Nation's Great Maritime Museums
Kids Have All the Write Stuff
Revised and Updated for a Digital Age
historic lithograph depicting the nineteenth-century circus "Theatricals of Day"
Emily Dickinson and Nineteenth-Century American Popular Culture
"And there will be singing"
An Anthology of International Writing
Book title over vintage newsprint from Portuguese-American paper News on the American Dream
A History of the Portuguese Press in the United States