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Pack, Robert. The Long View
Essays on the Discipline of Hope and Poetic Craft
Page, Max, and Marla R. Miller, eds. Bending the Future
Fifty Ideas for the Next Fifty Years of Historic Preservation in the United States
Panciera, Carla. Bewildered
Panko, Julia. Out of Print
Mediating Information in the Novel and the Book
Three quarters of the cover on the left side is an image with a black background of a book resting open at the bottom. The pages have been cut, and there are wires coming up from the book holding cut out words, making them look like confetti. The right side of the cover is white and contains the title.
Parker, Chad. Making the Desert Modern
Americans, Arabs, and Oil on the Saudi Frontier, 1933–1973
Parkins, Ilya, and Elizabeth M. Sheehan, eds. Cultures of Femininity in Modern Fashion
Parrish, Tim. Walking Blues
Making Americans from Emerson to Elvis
Parrish, Timothy. Ralph Ellison and the Genius of America [node-title]
Parrish, Timothy. From the Civil War to the Apocalypse
Postmodern History and American Fiction
Parsons, Samuel , Jr. introduction by Francis R. Kowsky. The Art of Landscape Architecture (1915) [node-title]
Patai, Daphne, ed. Looking Backward, 1988-1888
Essays on Edward Bellamy
Patai, Daphne. The Orwell Mystique
A Study in Male Ideology
Pauleena MacDougall The Penobscot Dance of Resistance
Tradition in the History of a People
Pawley, Christine. Reading Places
Literacy, Democracy, and the Public Library in Cold War America
Pawley, Christine. Reading on the Middle Border
The Culture of Print in Late-Nineteenth-Century Osage, Iowa
Pawling, Micah A., ed. Wabanaki Homeland and the New State of Maine
The 1820 Journal and Plans of Survey of Joseph Treat
Peace, Roger. A Call to Conscience
The Anti-Contra War Campaign
Peck, James Washington's China
The National Security World, the Cold War, and the Origins of Globalism
Peet, George, and Gabrielle Keller. edited by Robert J. Brink. OtherJohn C. McConnell. Courthouses of the Commonwealth
Pelka, Fred, ed. The Civil War Letters of Colonel Charles F. Johnson, Invalid Corps