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Garabedian, Steven P. A Sound History
Lawrence Gellert, Black Musical Protest, and White Denial
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Garfield, Jay L., and Patricia Hennessey, eds. Abortion
Moral and Legal Perspectives
Garland, Max. The Postal Confessions [node-title]
Garner, John S. The Model Company Town
Urban Design through Private Enterprise in Nineteenth-Century New England
Gaspar, Frank X. The Poems of Renata Ferreira
Gaspar, Frank X. The Holyoke
Gassan, Richard H. The Birth of American Tourism
New York, the Hudson Valley, and American Culture, 1790-1835
Gaunt, Carole O'Malley. Hungry Hill
A Memoir
Gifford, James. Dayneford's Library
American Homosexual Writing, 1900-1913
Gil, Fernando, and Helder Macedo. OtherLuís De Sousa Rebelo. The Traveling Eye
Retrospection, Vision, and Prophecy in the Portuguese Renaissance
Gilbert, Adam. A Shadow on Our Hearts
Soldier-Poetry, Morality, and the American War in Vietnam
Gilbert, Daniel A. Expanding the Strike Zone
Baseball in the Age of Free Agency
Giménez Smith, Carmen. Goodbye, Flicker
Glancy, Diane. Primer of the Obsolete [node-title]
Glasker, Wayne C. Black Students in the Ivory Tower
African American Student Activism at the University of Pennsylvania, 1967-1990
Glassberg, David. Sense of History
The Place of the Past in American Life
Glasser, Leah Blatt. In a Closet Hidden
The Life and Work of Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Glenn, Myra C. Dr. Harriot Kezia Hunt
Nineteenth-Century Physician and Woman’s Rights Advocate
Goodheart, Lawrence B. The Solemn Sentence of Death
Capital Punishment in Connecticut
Gooding, James Henry. edited by Virginia M. Adams. foreword by James M. McPherson. On the Altar of Freedom
A Black Soldier’s Civil War Letters from the Front