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D'Amore, Maura. Suburban Plots
Men at Home in Nineteenth-Century American Print Culture
D'Imperio, Chuck. Massachusetts Treasures
A Guide to Marvelous, Must-See Museums
D., Ramola. Temporary Lives
da Silveira, Pedro. translated by George Monteiro. introduction by Vamberto Freitas. Poems in Absentia & Poems from The Island and the World Text over a blue swirl reading Poems in Absentia  & Poems from The Island and the World
Dadie, Bernard Binlin. translated by Karen C. Hatch. introduction by Es'kia Mphahlele. The Black Cloth
A Collection of African Folktales
Dahn, Eurie. Jim Crow Networks
African American Periodical Cultures
Brown and black cover with an image of a plant's root under the surface.
Daly, Christopher Covering America
A Narrative History of a Nation's Journalism
Daly, Christopher B. Covering America
A Narrative History of a Nation's Journalism
Daniel, Clare. Mediating Morality
The Politics of Teen Pregnancy in the Post-Welfare Era
Danly, Susan, ed. Language As Object
Emily Dickinson and Contemporary Art
Darraj, Susan Muaddi. A Curious Land
Stories from Home
Daum, P. A. translated by Elsje Sturtevant and Donald Sturtevant. edited by E. M. Beekman. Ups and Downs of Life in the Indies [node-title]
Davis, Colin J. Contested and Dangerous Seas
North Atlantic Fishermen, Their Wives, Unions, and the Politics of Exclusion
black and white photo of British fishermen's wives marching in protest
Davis, Jarita. Return Flights
Davis, Melody. Women's Views
The Narrative Stereograph in Nineteenth-Century America
Davis, T. J. A Rumor of Revolt
The "Great Negro Plot" in Colonial New York
Day, Gordon M. edited by William Cowan and Michael K. Foster. In Search of New England's Native Past
Selected Essays by Gordon M. Day
De Camões, Luís. translated by Richard Zenith. preface by Helen Vendler. Sonnets and Other Poems
de la Motte, Dean, and Jeannene M. Przyblyski, eds. Making the News
Modernity and the Mass Press in Nineteenth-Century France
de Nijs, E. Breton. translated by Donald Sturtevant and Elsje Sturtevant. introduction and notes by E. M. Beekman. Faded Portraits [node-title]