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"Baron, Sabrina Alcorn, Eric N. Lindquist, and Eleanor F. Shevlin, eds." Agent of Change
Print Culture Studies after Elizabeth L. Eisenstein
"De Wolfe, Elizabeth, ed." Domestic Broils
"Shakers, Antebellum Marriage, and the Narratives of Mary and Joseph Dyer"
"Dean, Robert D." Imperial Brotherhood
Gender and the Making of Cold War Foreign Policy
"Dunn, Mary Lee." Ballykilcline Rising
From Famine Ireland to Immigrant America
"Fanning, Charles." Mapping Norwood
An Irish-American Memoir
"Greenfield, Briann G." Out of the Attic
Inventing Antiques in Twentieth-Century New England
"Lehman, Christopher P." The Colored Cartoon
"Black Presentation in American Animated Short Films, 1907-1954"
"Martin, Bradford D." The Theater Is in the Street
Politics and Public Performance in 1960s America
"Miller, Bonnie" From Liberation to Conquest
The Visual and Popular Cultures of the Spanish-American War of 1898
"Mulcahy, Greg." Carbine
"Scanlon, Sandra." The Pro-War Movement
Domestic Support for the Vietnam War and the Making of Modern American Conservatism
"Stewart, James Brewer." Abolitionist Politics and the Coming of the Civil War
Abbott, Philip R. The Exemplary Presidency
Franklin D. Roosevelt and the American Political Tradition
Abbott, Philip R. States of Perfect Freedom
Autobiography and American Politcal Thought
Abbott, Richard H. Cotton and Capital
Boston Businessmen and Antislavery Reform, 1854-1868
Abbott, Richard H. edited by Elizabeth N., and Arthur Ben Chitty. Boston Businessmen and Antislavery Reform, 1854-1868
Ackermann, Robert J. Heterogeneities
Race, Gender, Class, Nation, and State
Ackermann, Robert J. Nietzsche
A Frenzied Look
Ackermann, Robert J. Wittgenstein's City
Ackermann, Robert J. Religion as Critique