Stop the Bleed

Learn These Simple Steps to Save A Life. 

According to a recent National Academies of Science study, trauma is the leading cause of death for Americans under age 46. These injuries can result from a workplace injury, vehicle crash, active threat event etc. In incidents of serious trauma (bleeding), whether someone will survive that incident or not is typically decided within the first few mimutes. Life-threatening injuries require immediate action to prevent an injured person from dying. Those nearest to someone with life-threatening injuries are best positioned to provide that crucial care. Do you know how to provide immediate care? 

  • Call 911 or Have Someone Call 911
  • Keep Yourself Safe (if you become injured you cannot help the victim).
  • Look for Life Threatening Bleeding (look everywhere, remove clothing if necessary to expose a wound that could possibly be hidden).
  • Stop The bleed! (apply direct pressure, apply a touniquet, use a hemostatic dressing). 
  • Provide Comfort

UMPD his now teaching Stop the Bleed (, a simple 1 hour program designed to educate you in how to render aid in a traumatic event. If you have a group of 8 or more and would be like to schedule one of these trainings, contact Officer Brian Kellogg via email at


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