Police Reform Initiatives

For law enforcement and public safety agencies across the country, May 25, 2020 has been forever earmarked as one of the worst police related tragedies in history. Never before have multiple cell phone video angles and body worn camera images been broadcasted across the world as horrific actions by a Minneapolis police officer led him to holding his knee on the neck of an unarmed African American male for over 9 minutes. While most deaths caused by police have not been captured on cell phone videos for the world to see, this one has been eye opening for some but not eye opening for others. Worldwide protests and calls for action have resulted in communities demanding change. While some have demanded actions such as defund and abolish the police, others are simply calling for consistent humane and compassionate policing, specifically towards BIPOC citizens.

Read the full University of Massachusetts Amherst Police Reform Initiatives Report [PDF].


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