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My name is XXXXX, and I am a freshman here at UMass. I recently applied to several jobs on the UMass Student Job Board, including the one labeled "Office Assistant" below in search of an on-campus job this semester. The man I emailed had a strange email address, but I ignorantly thought nothing of it. I believed the job to be simple work in an office environment, organizing files and delivering mail. However, I received an email from the man called Jordan David today explaining that the job was more of a personal assistant job, picking up groceries and sending/delivering mail to or from "Mr. David's" PO box. He also told me that he would prepay me to get his desired items from the stores he listed, and that I would receive $200 for 10 hours of work a week. 


I was immediately hesitant because it was too good of a deal to be true, so I did my research on this man and found him and his "consultation company" to be nonexistent. His email address ( is listed on Google as a scamming email to get money from people. In spite of this, his scam job listing was posted on the Student Job Board. It is currently not on the Board now (it somehow was taken down, so I took a screen grab of it), but this is unacceptable. If I hadn't done my research, this man could've stolen my money. Please do not let any UMass students get scammed by these people.

The Amherst and The University of Massachusetts Police Departments will host their annual Youth Adventure Academy Monday, July 22nd through Friday. July 26th 2019 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
The cost is FREE and academy size is limited to 20 youth, so preference will be given to Amherst residents and Umass affiliated families (ex. parent/guardian are employees or students at UMASS).  

Similar to a Citizens Police Academy, students will attend morning classroom sessions held at both the Amherst and Umass Police Departments with lectures, role-plays and interactive demonstrations by Amherst and UMASS police officers in the areas of law, crime scene investigation, defensive tactics and patrol procedures, to name just a few.  Most afternoon sessions will be held at our Adventure Based Ropes Course at the Norwottuck Range where we will promote teamwork, communication and offers opportunities to develop positive relationships with the police officers.   

  • The Amherst and UMass Police Youth Adventure Academy will provide those participating with lunch each day at the UMass Dining Common.
  • All students will need to have transportation to the UMASS Police Department each morning for a 8:30AM start (not earlier!), and picked up each afternoon from the UMass Police Department promptly at 4:00PM.
  • Questions regarding the Youth Adventure Academy can be forwarded to Amherst Officer Yvonne Feliciano at 413-259-3311.  You can also contact UMASS Officer Brian Kellogg  at 413-545-9461.   
  • Applications can be downloaded at the link below or by contacting Officer Feliciano or Officer Kellogg.  The application deadline is June 16, 2019. 

Below is an account of an incident that happened to a UMass student today. Be advised that NO Police Department will ever call you and request/demand money over the phone. If this happens to you please contact your local Police Department. 



I am a student at UMass and I would like to report a scam phone call I received today.

The call came from the number 508-xxx-2222.


When I answered, a person with Indian accent introduced himself as an officer with the Middleborough police department saying that someone had filed charges against me.

The person knew my first and last name.

He then said he was going to pass the call to his lieutenant and another male person with Indian accent introduced himself (I forgot the name he gave me).


This person said that there were some claims against me coming from the IRS and proceeded to read what the charges were. 

He had a very thick accent and I couldn't really understand what he was saying. After reading the "charges" he said I could face a lawsuit and lose all my degrees or pay a fine of $7,000.

When I told them to email me the charges and that I was not doing anything without them talking to my attorney, they hanged up.


I'm reporting this because someone who is new in the school or the country could fall for this. It would be nice if someone could follow up and find out more about these people.


585 East Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003-9600
413-545-2121 non-emergency
413-545-3111 emergency or 911
413-545-3113 fax


Call 413-577-TIPS (8477) or use our Anonymous Witness Form.