Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our duty is to serve our community by providing a safe environment in which to live, learn and grow. We train, dedicate and commit ourselves to performing this mission in a manner that inspires confidence and respects the rights and needs of all.

Our Vision

We commit ourselves to become leaders in the law enforcement profession through innovation and action. We will strive continually to improve our services; being responsive to the people we serve, by keeping pace with the ever-changing needs of our diverse community.

Our Values

Courage: We execute our mission in a prominent and bold manner, spearheading advancements in public safety.

Honor: We hold in high esteem, the duty and privilege of serving the University community.

Trust: We believe in the honesty and integrity of each other, and seek to affirm that trust to our stakeholders.


585 East Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003-9600

413-545-2121 non-emergency
413-545-3111 emergency or 911
413-545-3113 fax


Call 413-577-TIPS (8477) or use our Anonymous Witness Form.