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Date Occurred: October 11, 2018

On October 11, 2018 a UMass student reported being approached by two females while on one of the upper floors of the W.E.B. Du Bois Library. The females may have been requesting donations for a fundraiser called, “Child’s Joy”; it is unknown at this time if that is a legitimate charity or other concern. One of the females suspects put their arm around the student to distract the victim while the other took the student’s debit card from her wallet and quickly swiped it through a device in an apparent attempt to copy it. These actions were done without the student’s consent. The female suspects were described as approximately 25-30 years of age with black hair, possibly of Filipino descent. UMPD is also following up on a similar report that occurred in the lobby of the Integrated Learning Center on the same day and these suspects may have engaged in similar behavior in the Du Bois Library, and elsewhere on campus, in the past. Anyone with information regarding this incident or... read full alert

Date Occurred: 9/28/18

*Do not accept Facebook friend requests from people you do not know.*

There have been several reports of people accessing personal information, photos, and videos through spyware. The targeted individuals are then asked to pay money in order for their photos and videos to not be shared publicly. If money is given, they will then ask for more. If you have been a victim of this type of scam, please contact the UMass Police Department and consider bringing your computer equipment to OIT or another computer services company to have it checked for spyware.


* do not accept Facebook friend requests from people you do not know

* cover your computer/laptop camera when not in use

* never give money to someone who threatens to post your personal information, photos, or videos

* always contact police if you believe you are the victim of extortion

Hello UMPD!   My name is XXXXX and I am a freshman here at UMass. I recently applied to several jobs on the UMass Student Job Board, including the one labeled "Office Assistant" below in search of an on-campus job this semester. The man I emailed had a strange email address, but I ignorantly thought nothing of it. I believed the job to be simple work in an office environment, organizing files and delivering mail. However, I received an email from the man called Jordan David today explaining that the job was more of a personal assistant job, picking up groceries and sending/delivering mail to...

Below is an account of an incident that happened to a UMass student today. Be advised that NO Police Department will ever call you and request/demand money over the phone. If this happens to you please contact your local Police Department.    Hi, I am a student at UMass and I would like to report a scam phone call I received today. The call came from the number 508-xxx-2222.   When I answered, a person with Indian accent introduced himself as an officer with the Middleborough police department saying that someone had filed charges against me. The person knew my first and last name. He then...




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