Gear Locker

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Equipment Rental Rates

For UMOC Official trips all gear is included as part of your club membership ($20/yr) or trip fee.

PLEASE replace at your own expense anything you use out of a first aid kit including Band-Aids, etc.

For ALL caving trips and SOME backpacking trips a battery charge of $2 will be added on to all headlamp rentals.

Item Rate Per Day/Weekend
Internal Frame Backpack $3/$5
Sleeping Bag $3/$5
Sleeping Pad $1/$2
Tent $5/$8
First Aid Kit $1/$1
Headlamp $1/$2
Backpacking Stove and Fuel $2/$5
Extra Fuel Bottle $2/$2
Cookset $1/$2
Climbing Shoes $2/$5
Item Rate Per Day/Weekend
Crampons $5/$10
Mountaineering Boots $5/$15
Snowshoes $5/$8
Gaiters $3/$5
Helmet $1/$1
Ice Axe (Pair) $5/$10
Mountaineering Axe $2/$5
Cross-country Ski Package $10/$20 (or $5 per item)
Item Rate Per Day/Weekend
Canoe with PFD’s and Paddles $20/$40
PFD $3/$5
Paddle $3/$5
White-water Helmet $3/$5
Throwbag $3/$5
Wetsuit $5/$10