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Scholarship Title: Smart Cleaning Solutions Scholarship

Number Available : 1
Amount: $ 500
Application Deadline: 2019-05-01 | Award Year: 2019
Class: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate Student | Need/Merit: Merit | Enrollment: Full Time, Part Time
FAFSA needed: No | minimum GPA: 3.00 | Renewable: No
Eligibility: Be Australian citizens Currently be enrolled in an accredited school or have been accepted to an institution of higher learning Presently be in good academic standing Candidates must submit proof of these aspects during the application process along with an essay, the details of which will be explained shortly.

Description: Smart Cleaning Solutions’ team of highly trained, dedicated and experienced professionals has seen firsthand the many changes having unfolded in its genre over the years. Progressively exacting nationwide regulations and increasingly diverse needs among clients drive the industry. From another perspective, the very foundational elements of operating a business have evolved. Having the education to back up these growing requirements is more important than ever before. In an effort to help foster the up-and-coming generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, Smart Cleaning Solutions has created a $500 scholarship offer for rising students.

How to Apply: Email, Other (See Application Instructions below)
Application Instructions: Applicants may choose one of two topics for the basis of their essays: 1) Discuss the concept of “opportunity cost” and/or any marketing distinction(s) potentially relevant to shed insight on the decision-making process of a business manager trying to decide whether to outsource routine business tasks like cleaning or save money by drawing up an internal roster to have staff handle the requirements. Evaluate the pros and cons of the chosen distinctions. 2) Discuss how and why cleanliness and sanitation are critical to a company’s success. This may be done in any way the applicant feels is appropriate. One idea to possibly explore would be looking at different industries and applications, like a multi-site business versus a single site local business (where is the business in its growth phase) or an office situation versus a retail one. Another angle to take would be looking at external and internal factors, such as reflections on brand (external) or the capacity of a company to compete for talent (internal - impacts on human resource management). Essays should range from 1,200 to 1,500 words in length. Creativity, originality and quality will be determining factors in choosing a winner. How to Apply Those interested in applying for the scholarship should submit their essays, proofs of enrolment and transcripts no later than May 1, 2019. Please be sure to include contact information. Winners will be notified by email. Any enquiries should be directed to

Mavis Mcconnell