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Need to get tax return documents to complete your verification?


Financial aid applicants selected for verification are required to submit certain 2016 tax documents to complete the process.

The following tax documents are acceptable:

  • Tax return transcripts obtained from the IRS or
  • Tax return transcripts sent directly from the IRS to UMass Amherst Financial Aid Services
  • Verification of Nonfiling obtained from the IRS or
  • Verification of Nonfiling sent directly from the IRS to UMass Amherst Financial Aid Services

Tax documents can be requested from the IRS via their website at, by completing form 4506-T, or via their automated phone transcript service at 800-908-9946. Once you receive the document from the IRS you must submit them to our office.

You can also request the documents be sent directly to our office by completing our pre-filled IRS form 4506-T, printing it and mailing or faxing it to the IRS office. 

To request your or your parents' 2016 tax return transcript  or Verification of Nonfiling be sent directly to UMass Amherst Financial Aid Services, complete form 4506–T for each person requesting a transcript or verification of nonfiling. Read the form instructions carefully, sign and check all required boxes then fax or mail to the appropriate office listed. Click here to open IRS form 4506-T. 

 *Please note the IRS will reject your request if all the required information is not completed or missing.

Once Financial Aid Services receives the documents your SPIRE To Do List will be updated to “Received”.

We recommend you check your SPIRE To Do List and your UMass email often to make sure your documents are received.