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Welcome to the UMass Amherst Job Board. Use the filters below to help refine your search. Click on the job title for detailed information and application instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: Be wary of "check cashing scams." If someone asks you to deposit a check/money order into your personal account and send money to another individual, you should refuse and contact our office immediately.

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Currently displaying 92 jobs.
Post Date Job Title Work-Study Hiring Period Hours per Week On/Off Campussort descending
2020-10-14 Programmer/Web Development Non Work-Study Academic Year, Summer 10-20 Off Campus
2020-10-22 Information Technology Assistant Work-Study, Non Work-Study Academic Year 10 Off Campus
2020-09-23 Child Care Non Work-Study Academic Year 10-30 Off Campus
2020-09-29 Dishwasher Non Work-Study Academic Year 7-14 Off Campus
2020-10-15 Child Care Non Work-Study 12-15 Off Campus
2020-09-23 Yardwork Non Work-Study Academic Year 8-12 Off Campus
2020-09-23 eLearning Student Assistant Non Work-Study Academic Year 10-30 Off Campus
2020-09-30 Customer Service Non Work-Study Academic Year 8 Off Campus
2020-10-15 Video Assistant Work-Study Academic Year 6-10 Off Campus
2020-09-11 First Responder Non Work-Study Academic Year 13-40 Off Campus