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Job Title: Tutors

Hiring Period: Academic Year | Hourly Pay Rate: $12.75 | Hours per week: 5-20
On/Off Campus: On Campus | Work-Study/Non Work-Study: Work-Study, Non Work-Study | On Bus Route

Job Description: The role of the tutor is to assist student-athletes in becoming proficient in the specified academic course(s).

This will be accomplished through a variety of means, which may include explanation, clarification, and organization of course content. Tutors may also use techniques such as quizzing, questioning, and repetition.

Tutors will be assigned specific student-athletes and subjects and will meet individually on a weekly basis.

Occasionally, a tutor may be asked to meet a student-athlete for a one-time appointment, or may be set up with a small group of student-athletes.

Please note: Due to the supply and demand nature of our program, Academic Services cannot guarantee a minimum number of hours to any tutor.

How to Apply: See Website

Name/Company: Colby Hall
Department: Athletics
Phone: 413-545-2919

131 Commonwealth Ave.
Amherst, Massachusetts 01002

Job Number: 35433