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Job Title: Student Mentor

Hiring Period: Academic Year | Hourly Pay Rate: $12.00 | Hours per week: 12
On/Off Campus: On Campus | Work-Study/Non Work-Study: Work-Study, Non Work-Study

Job Description: Job Title: Financial Consultant

Job Description: The Center for Student Businesses (CSB) is looking for undergraduate Isenberg students to apply to be a financial consultant to one of the seven student-run businesses on campus! This job will require an average of 12 hours a week - four of these hours will consist of mandatory consultant management meetings (CMM) on Thursday from 4-6pm, and your assigned business' all-staff meeting (time TBA).

As a consultant, you will be working with student-run cooperative businesses. A cooperative business model consists of employees who are all referred to as co-managers. Each co-manager is considered equal, and there is no hierarchical structure. Co-managers will have a say and a vote in business matters and decisions. As a consultant, you will not receive voting rights but you will be acting as a financial guide in business discussions. It will be your job to report finances to your business, conduct financial analysis when necessary, and relay and report business updates to the CSB. By participating in this PAID position, you will gain hands-on experience in accounting, financial reporting and analysis, small-business consulting, budgeting, and operations.

Apply for the job through the link:

Thank you for your time!

How to Apply: See instructions in job description

Name/Company: Center for Student Business

Job Number: 34921