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Job Title: Child Care

Hiring Period: Academic Year, Summer | Hourly Pay Rate: $15.00 | Hours per week: 7-12
On/Off Campus: Off Campus | Work-Study/Non Work-Study: Non Work-Study

Job Description: We are looking for a SUPER RESPONSIBLE and VERY FUNNY person who can hang with -- and, importantly! -- drive our 6th grader around in the afternoons after school.

We definitely need Wednesday afternoons starting at 12:45, and ideally as many of the other days of the week (M/T/Th/Fri) as you are available, starting at 345.

Days are usually over by 5 or 530.

Ideally this person would have at least 5 years of driving experience and know a lot of bad jokes appropriate to the early middle school set.

Having a car is not necessary, since we have one, but if you have a car that you'd prefer to drive we can figure that out.

SPANISH fluency big big plus. Punctuality critical. SAFE, EXPERIENCED DRIVING in a calm zen-like manner are mandatory. Ability to appreciate a high level of sass & middle-school sarcasm & terrible pop music will greatly enhance your enjoyment of this position.

About us: The 6th grader's two moms both work at UMass, and we live just off campus, off of Strong Street.

Please send me an email, and talk about your experience with kids, what your semester looks like, and your life goals. If you know any bad (kid-appropriate) jokes, or have any other oddball habits, please share. If it seems like a possible match, we'll meet at a coffee shop and let the 11 year old and you interview each other.

How to Apply: Email

Name/Company: Laura Quilter
Phone: 617-459-9107
Amherst, Massachusetts 01002

Job Number: 34795