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Job Title: Sales

Hiring Period: Summer | Hourly Pay Rate: $12.50 | Hours per week: 24-40
On/Off Campus: Off Campus | Work-Study/Non Work-Study: Non Work-Study

Job Description: Assistant Sales Manager

The Great Outdoors on the Deerfield River in Charlemont is seeking an individual who is motivated, enjoys working outdoors, is a loyal team player and wants to spend the summer in a dynamic and fun-filled environment aimed at providing outdoor tubing adventures to families and friends.

Do you have a strong passion for the outdoors? Do you thrive in an environment that enables you to work with people that share your interests? Would you love to spend the summer in the great outdoors?

Assist manager in daily tasks related to retail.
• Enjoy working in an environment that provides fun and adventure to customers
• Be polite, enthusiastic, and outgoing when dealing with customers
• Keep track of stock and re-order supplies as needed
• Become familiar with computer and point-of-sale equipment
• Exert creativity in organizing and promoting product visibility
• Protect against loss by monitoring the security systems
• Understand the nature/function of items sold
• Be able to make recommendations to customers of supplies necessary for a safe river adventure
• Keep space organized and clean
• Establish a great working relationship with other staff

• Enjoy working in a fast paced, fun filled environment that focuses on providing fun filled activities to friends and families
• Possess excellent “People skills”
• Must be detail oriented, organized and motivated
• Possess a natural enthusiasm, confidence and the ability to work well under customers
• Have the ability to get along well with staff members of the Great Outdoor’s family
• Prior retail experience a plus

How to Apply: Email, Call

Name/Company: Chris Carcio
Phone: 413-339-8373
Charlemont, Massachusetts 01339

Job Number: 31927