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Job Title: Instructor

Hiring Period: | Hourly Pay Rate: $30.00 | Hours per week: 18-20
On/Off Campus: Off Campus | Work-Study/Non Work-Study: Non Work-Study

Job Description: Artistic Director

Amherst Ballet Company, invites Part-Time Artistic Director applications to the hiring committee beginning May 1, 2019.

With a conviction of the value of dance in our society, and a commitment to quality dance education, Amherst Ballet seeks to build a diverse and inclusive community of dancers and dance enthusiasts through educational programming, performance and community partnerships.

We seek candidates for a term beginning who have a record of excellence as professional artists, educators and choreographers along with a commitment to and success at teaching in a closely-knit and highly regarded community organization.

Qualified candidates:
• Must have a record of outstanding professional dance experience, including demonstrated expertise teaching ballet and contemporary dance technique/systems, at all levels of instruction.
• A successful record of teaching young adults, children of all ages and artistic interests as well as adult members of a community of all skill levels.
• Demonstrated ability to mentor and to advise young dancers aspiring to further their dance studies in institutions of higher education.

Additional Qualifications:
Preference will be given to candidates whose teaching, choreography and community engagement demonstrates a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion; Strong professional affiliations in the field of dance, performance, arts education and arts administration; Having a broad knowledge of current practices in dance and a strong commitment to dance/art advocacy. Candidates will also be expected to have a strong commitment to collaboration with community partners and strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Primary Responsibilities:
The Artistic Director will be responsible for the overall artistic and dance education mission for the school. S/he understands and supports the primary focus of Amherst Ballet as a classical ballet training organization with a set of curriculum standards to be determined in collaboration with the Board of Directors. Other dance forms including modern/contemporary, classical (or contemporary) jazz dance, and/or hip-hop, or other related contemporary techniques and choreography will be included in the schedule to build strong, inspired and well-rounded dancers. Class schedule, studio assignment and performance choices (for the annual show) shall reflect the above mentioned focus of Amherst Ballet as a classical ballet studio.

Other Responsibilities:
1. Relevant to the chosen classic ballet curriculum, the Artistic Director agrees to be up to date with current/continual teacher training via a certified online or in person program. Any necessary training should aim to be completed within a reasonable time frame within the first year. A portion of the certification training cost will be reimbursed.
2. Teach 10 hours a week of classes in the area of his/her primary expertise (Classical Ballet /Modern/Contemporary) and to work within the board approved budget to hire qualified teachers trained in the proposed classical ballet method, who will bring enthusiasm to the classroom as well as build a caring and supportive environment. The AD will consider suggestions and input from the hiring committee, but will have final say on the hiring of qualified teachers.
3. Create a class schedule of approx. 30 hours a week that ensures high quality of dance instructions, promote healthy classroom environment and fosters positive body image for ALL students. The AD will also schedule summer/winter/spring camps. All schedules shall be subject to the approval of the BOD.
4. Produce and have creative control of one performance for the year, including casting and choreography (with the constructive input of the upper school’s lead teacher as it relates to both casting AND choreography for advanced dancers working en pointe). Casting and choreography will be decided appropriately based on the production, the students’ capabilities and the available roles. Casting decisions will be fair and objective, and are not subject to change or influence by any Board member or parent.
5. Must be willing to cast from the entire school and incorporate as many students as possible within a production, as well as being open to using strong adult dancers from the adult program, in keeping with the “Ballet For All” mission of the school. The AD agrees that the health and future of the school depends upon strong performances that utilize the lower school in appropriate capacity so that they may be inspired to stay and become the upper school dancers.
6. Work with BOD to create an ongoing teacher evaluation process including the instruction of the AD, with feedback from students, parent community and an ombudsperson.
7. Work with BOD and Fundraising sub-committee to help raise funds for the school.
8. Use creative and innovative ways to help increase enrollment for the school.

Review of applications begins May 1st 2019 and will continue until May 31, 2019. May 31, 2019 is the priority date.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Candidates should send a letter of application with curriculum vitae including links to choreographic work and a list of two references

to: and

Please note: Amherst Ballet is committed to active recruitment of a diverse faculty and student body. Because broad diversity is essential to an inclusive climate and critical to Amherst Ballet’s goals, we will holistically assess the many qualifications of each applicant and favorably consider an individual’s record working with students and colleagues with broadly diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds in educational, research or other work activities. We will also favorably consider experience overcoming or helping others overcome barriers to a fulfilling dance education experience.

How to Apply: Email, Send Resume, See instructions in job description

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Name/Company: M Narayanan

Job Number: 31799