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Study Abroad

UMass Amherst offers education abroad and exchange programs. These programs are available to all students and most financial aid can be used to pay the costs. Financial Aid Services will take into account the exchange information that you provide and will increase your cost of attendance to reflect the educational expenses of your program. Additional loans may be available to help you supplement your financial aid award in order to take advantage of study abroad opportunities.

Financial Aid for Study Abroad

If you are going on exchange:

In order for Financial Aid Services to provide aid for your study abroad program, you need to supply certain documented information.

To make sure the process runs smoothly, follow all of the steps outlined on the Study Abroad Information Sheet provided by Financial Aid Services. This details the information you need to supply, including program costs and airfare, specific documentation, and a Study Abroad Budget Worksheet.

Submit the Study Abroad Application and Budget Worksheet available in the Forms section. You will also find the Financial Aid Information for Study Abroad Programs. The Study Abroad Information Sheet also gives guidelines for taking care of your financial aid needs while you are abroad (including filing the FAFSA for the following year.

*Please note that not all study abroad and domestic exchange programs are eligible for financial aid. Contact Sharon Ruth in Financial Aid Services for more information about your eligibility.

Sharon Ruth

Assistant Director


243 Whitmore Administration Building

Also available at International Programs Office, 70 Butterfield Terrace

Tuesdays 12:30-4:30pm