Academic Advising

Preparing For Your Major as a MassTransfer Student

At the University of Massachusetts, our majors are housed in schools and colleges. Approved MassTransfer programs are going to be mapped or linked to many majors under a school or college. Ex. An associate degree that is linked to our School of Public Health & Health Sciences is linked to Communication Disorders, Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Public Health.

At your community college, enroll in an associate degree program that is mapped or linked to your first-choice major or the school/college in which that major is located; be sure to review the admission requirements for your intended major too. You can also use your General Education Foundation and any electives in your associate degree to prepare for your major at UMass Amherst.

Some bachelor’s degrees will take more than two years of full-time study to complete. Most academic departments have major checklists on their websites, which will give you a sense of the degree requirements at UMass Amherst.

We’re also here to help! Transfer counselors from UMass Amherst visit community colleges through the academic year to meet with and advise students.

General Education Requirements upon Transferring

General Education Foundation

Many associate degree programs include the General Education Foundation (formerly known as the MassTransfer Block, or MTB) as part of the associate degree requirements. The General Education Foundation completes almost all of your general education requirements at UMass Amherst, with the exception of two courses, which are taught as part of your major:  Junior Year Writing and an Integrative Experience.

STEM Gen Ed Foundation

Many associate degree programs with a heavy focus on math and science will include a different general education requirement called the STEM General Education Foundation.  If you are doing the STEM General Education Foundation, you will need to take two courses which are part of your major, as well as two diversity courses unless you completed them as part of the associate degree program.

For students who do not complete the General Education Foundation or STEM General Education Foundation as part of their associate degree, they will be required to fulfill UMass Amherst’s General Education Requirements.

Transferring Credit

If you complete an approved MassTransfer associate degree program, you are guaranteed a minimum of 60 semester transfer credits upon graduation, which means you will be considered a junior at the University. Please be advised, some majors may take more than two years of full-time to complete.

UMass Amherst Transfer counselors can provide general information about transfer credits, including the number of transferable credits and General Education information. However, how transfer credits apply to your major requirements is determined by the academic department.