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About MassTransfer

Welcome! Through the MassTransfer program, you complete an approved associate degree at a Massachusetts community college and then transfer to UMass Amherst into a mapped or linked bachelor’s degree. Learn more about the benefits of being a MassTransfer student

Am I eligible for MassTransfer?

If you are completing an approved associate degree program before transferring, then you may be eligible for the MassTransfer program.

Students who fall into any of the following categories do not qualify for the MassTransfer program and should apply through our standard transfer admissions process

  1. Dual enrollment students (unless you are participating in Commonwealth Commitment)
  2. Previous UMass Amherst degree-seeking students
  3. Students who have started taking classes at another four-year college as an enrolled student after completing an associate degree
  4. Students who have earned a U.S. or international bachelor’s degree
  5. Students interested in an online program
  6. Transfer students who are not completing a MassTransfer program prior to their intended enrollment term