Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct is a broad term that encompasses a range of behaviors including sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. Everyone in a community is affected by sexual misconduct.

By being active bystanders we can all notice the behaviors and warning signs and help our friends, fellow students, visitors and community members by creating a community where people are respected and cared for.

The Dean of Students Office serves as a central point for coordinating resources to support students who are experiencing crisis. If you become aware of a potential incident of sexual misconduct, relationship violence, or other violence or harassment, it is important to promptly bring it to the attention of the Dean of Students Office. It is imperative that you do not attempt to investigate the matter on your own. Dean of Students staff will provide support, advocacy, assistance, and connection to resources, while taking every precaution to ensure that privacy considerations are respected.

Victims of sexual assault or other violence should be encouraged to obtain immediate medical attention by contacting the University of Massachusetts Police Department (UMPD) or accessing other resources on or off campus including University Health Services, the Center for Women and Community, and/or the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health.