Follow Up: Reporting, Taking Care of Yourself, Finding Resources

If you or someone you know has experienced an act of hate, please report it and get support. Reporting hateful acts enables us to track incidents, observe patterns, and take corrective steps. Hate hurts and we all need to be mindful about self-care in its wake. After experiencing or witnessing an act of hate or bias, you may experience a range of emotions, including anger, fear, isolation, stress, uncertainty and concern for your and other’s personal safety. During this time, support from friends, community, and counselors are important. These are some other things that can help:

  • Participation in support groups (transgender support group, POC support group)
  • Getting together with a small group of close friends
  • Dancing or working out to get out extra energy
  • Alone time to think, meditate, or engage in mindfulness practices
  • Being in nature
  • Keeping away from people, places, or things that make you feel drained
  • Making art, playing music, writing in a journal
  • Sharing cultural foods with friends and family
  • Taking a break from news, digital and social media
  • Spiritual practices that ground you, whatever your higher power may be

Support Resources

There are a number of on campus support resources including:

National Resources