Show Up: Party Smart

The Cultural Myth about alcohol is that the more you drink the better you feel. The fact is that a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .05 or less will usually give you what you want out of drinking. Beyond that, you pass the 'point of diminishing returns,' where one more drink won't make you feel any better. You will just become more intoxicated and your risk of experiencing negative consequences will increase.

Keep your drinking in balance using these tips:

Before you start drinking
  • Eat filling foods like pizza, pasta or burgers.
  • Set a drink limit for the night.
  • Decide in advance how much money you will spend on alcohol.
While you’re out
  • Pace yourself at about 1 drink an hour.
  • Keep count of how many drinks you've had.
  • Alternate alcohol with non-alcoholic drinks (water is a good choice).
  • Drink look-alike beverages and others won't even notice you're not drinking.
  • Don’t try to “keep up” or out-drink others.
  • Avoid chugging, shots and drinking games.
  • If you do play drinking games, set limits (fill cups one-third full, set a maximum number of drinks or game rounds).
  • Don’t mix alcohol with other drugs – legal or illegal.
  • Know where your drink is at all times.
  • Go out later or leave earlier from parties.