What’s Up with UMatter at UMass?

UMatter at UMass is about creating a campus community of care, compassion, connection, and active engagement. The ability to value a connection and to feel empathy is critical to any society, including our own campus community. When we collectively practice active caring, we create a more supportive living and learning environment for everyone. Make the most of your time here by asking for help when you need it, stepping up to help others, and using – or guiding friends to use – available support resources. Be kind. Be courageous. Be thoughtful. That’s what UMatter at UMass is about.

Active engagement means that we:

  • Listen Up, cultivating an awareness of what’s going on inside and around us. Pay attention to ourselves and each other.
  • Show Up, making the most of our time here. Get involved, make connections and stretch beyond our perceived limitations. Live proudly, safely, courageously.
  • Stand Up, stepping forward and taking action on behalf of ourselves, friends, colleagues and the community. Ask for help when it’s needed. Reach out to others. Persevere in the face of injustice.
  • Follow Up, learning about the many resources available. Share what you know. Guide someone in need. Tell people who can help.

Together, we create our experiences, our community and our future.


Our supporters helping us build a caring community include:

UMass Amherst Office of the Chancellor and Women for UMass Amherst (WFUM).