UMass Amherst was founded in 1863 on the idea that access to higher education for students of all backgrounds is critical to our society's social and economic development.

Today, we are proud to welcome students from all walks of life: from first generation college attendees to third-generation legacies.  Scholarships give opportunities for the best and brightest to come to UMass Amherst and complete their education – no matter their financial means.

From the broad range of academic and cultural programs to the internships, co-ops, and study abroad programs that will help lay the foundation for a rewarding career, the opportunities at UMass Amherst, with your help, are seemingly endless.  Scholarship giving can include:

  • Annual Scholarships:  Scholarships given for current use have an immediate impact on our students.  You help defray the cost of tuition, fees, and other educational expenses so students can focus on their studies.  Scholarship gifts also help reduce student debt after college.
  • Endowed Scholarships: Endowed scholarships act as an investment in the education of our citizens.  Your gift is invested and provides ongoing support in perpetuity. A portion of the endowment earnings are awarded each year, help to defray student expenses and contribute to the strength and mission of UMass Amherst. 
  • Endowed Research Fellowships: Innovative research is one of the ways our students work to change lives.  Research fellowships, in support of graduate or undergraduate experiences, allow researchers to take their work to the next level and yield significant results.  Such gifts fund opportunities in labs, field studies, clinics and more.
  • Study Abroad Scholarships: Today's students must prepare to work and live in our increasingly global environment and few experiences advance that preparation more profoundly than studying abroad.  You can help a student with the increasing costs of airfare and international expenses that make these opportunities more and more out of reach.