The Honorary Co-Chairs, Campaign Co-Chairs, and Campaign Leadership Council of UMass Rising are individuals who are as much a part of UMass Amherst as the foundation upon which we are built.

These dedicated men and women share our mission of the highest quality education for all and so firmly believe in our ability to spur change in the world. We are grateful for their commitment, their vision, and their participation in UMass Amherst’s continued rise.

Honorary Co-Chairs

Kenneth R. Feinberg
’67, ’02HON
Jack Smith
‘60, '93HON
Jack Welch
‘57, '82HON

Campaign Co-Chairs

Douglas Berthiaume
‘71, '05HON
David Fubini
Robert Epstein
Eugene Isenberg
‘50, '00HON
In Memoriam

Campaign Leadership Council

Kumble R. Subbaswamy
Michael A. Leto
Vice Chancellor, Development & Alumni Relations
John A. Armstrong
Joan Barksdale
Lorrey Bianchi
Peter L. Bloom
George R. Ditomassi Jr.
’57, ‘96HON
Wendy Evans
Benjamin R. Happ
Melvin Howard
Pamela M. Jacobs
James “Jess” Kane
Richard M. Kelleher
Robert M. Mahoney
Charlene Mazer
'81 MS
Gordon N. Oakes Jr.
’63, ’88HON
Jaime Pereira
Pat Reid Ponte
Christine Savage
John N. Spinney Jr.
Eileen Cahill
'98 MEd
John S. Kendzierski
Rafael D. Guzman
Michael S. Sarli
Karen O. Moore
'89 MS