Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people like to give through UMACC?
  • Helping someone is one of the best feelings a person can experience.
  • It generates hope!
  • Giving as a part of a community towards a common goal motivates people to participate who would not donate otherwise.
  • It makes record keeping and preparing for tax time a snap.
  • Payroll deduction is awesome!
  • It shows the local community that UMass cares.
  • It reduces administrative work for nonprofits and since over 80% of UMACC donors renew, it's a predictable form of income for them.
  • It’s fun!
Where can I find out what I gave last year?

If you donated online, log in and go to My Account page.

If you donated using the paper pledge form, we'd be happy to send you your donation history. Please email the UMACC office at

May I add a charitable organization to the UMACC list?

Yes! All 501(c)(3) nonprofits may receive donations via UMACC. 

If you are a UMass employee or retiree, please log in and submit a request at any time. 

What are this year's giving levels and priorities?

Are you able to go up a level?

Please consider adding at least one Western MA nonprofit to your list. It takes a village! 

  • $5,000+: Visionary Leaders
  • $2,500-$4,999: Inspiration Leaders
  • $500-2,499:Leader's Circle
  • $250-$499: Champion
How much of my donation goes to the charitable organization(s) that I choose?

Your charity of choice receives 91%  and our Campaign Fiscal Administrator, the United Way of Franklin & Hampshire Regions  (UWFH) receives 9%. UWFH funds over 30 fantastic, local nonprofit organizations.

We are proud to say that 100% of all UMACC donations go to nonprofit organizations!

UMACC donations are not used to cover any UMass expenses. 

When do payroll deductions begin and how many pay periods will I have to deduct from?

It depends on when you donate!

Donate by December 7 and deductions will start on 1/7/22. You will have a maximum of 26 pay periods to deduct from. 

Donate between December 11 and January 15 and deductions will start on 2/4/22. You will have a maximum of 24 pay periods to deduct from. 

Donate between January 16 and January 31 and deductions will start on 3/4/22. You will have 22 pay periods to deduct from.






Can I set up an EFT withdrawal, stock transfer, payment through my IRA or be billed?

Yes! All of these are valid forms of payment. 

Please check with your financial advisor regarding payment through your IRA. Rules vary individually. You even may find you have more money to donate than you realize!

Please contact our office for more info about these modes of payment. or (413) 545-8414

Where do I get an acknowledgement I can use for a tax deduction?

If you donated by payroll deduction, go to the your last pay stub of the year. Your UMACC deduction is listed by name in the  "After-Tax Deductions" section of your pay stub.

If you donated $250 or more by check or credit card you will receive a tax acknowledgment letter from the United Way of the Hampshire and Franklin Region.

Feel free to contact the UMACC office with questions. or (413) 545-8414

Are payroll deduction contributions pre-tax?

No, payroll-deduction contributions are after tax. 

What is the difference between UMACC and the Faculty and Staff Campaign?

The Faculty and Staff Campaign raises money for UMass organizations and is run by the UMass Advancement Office.

UMACC raises money for nonprofit organizations in our community and beyond, and is run by External Relations and University Events.


How and when are donations distributed to the nonprofits?

Pledges and donations will be collected throughout the campaign period which begins in the fall and ends on January 31st. 

In March, June, October, and January checks will be mailed directly to nonprofits.

Any nonprofits that receive $300 or less in donations will receive 100% of their donation in the March payment. If a nonprofit receives more than $300 in donations, they will receive all 4 quarterly payments. 

The reason checks are not mailed until March and then are mailed quarterly thereafter is because most of the donations that come in through UMACC are payroll deductions. We must deduct the funds from paychecks before we pay the nonprofits. 

Have any further questions about this? I’d love to talk with you! Please call me at (413) 545-8414 or email me at