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In the years that the Children's Learning Centers have been actively engaged in helping children overcome the obstacles of dyslexia, thousands of dyslexic children have received free one-on-one multisensory reading and written language tutoring.

Federation: Unaffiliated
Code: 498551

To ensure that women nationwide have access to safe abortion care and that abortion is available as a mainstream healthcare service.

Federation: Independent Charities of America
Code: 700080

The Abortion Rights Fund provides financial assistance for abortions, as well as information and referral, to women without medical insurance or other resources.

Federation: Unaffiliated
Code: 103211

The Abraham Fund Initiatives works to advance coexistence, equality and cooperation among Israel

Federation: Unaffiliated
Code: 882152

Amref Health Africa is the largest African-based nonprofit that delivers health services to over 30 countries on the continent. Our vision is lasting health change in Africa.

Federation: Global Impact
Code: 302888

Protects imperiled species-- lions, mountain gorillas, rhinos, elephants, zebras-- through habitat conservation, science, leadership training and wildlife-friendly community-beneficial business development for 50 years.

Federation: EarthShare New England
Code: 700015

The relief of suffering from malaria by the provision of funds for the prevention and/or treatment of malaria

Federation: Unaffiliated
Code: 15271

AAC provides service to men, women, and children affected by HIV/AIDS and works to stop the epidemic by preventing new infections.

Federation: Unaffiliated
Code: 309088

Supports innovated Aids research, educates patients, doctors and the public about HIV treatment/prevention; works to protect the rights of all people affected by HIV/AIDS.

Federation: Community Health Charities
Code: 103249

Works to protect and preserve the integrity of Alaska's ecosystems and to promote sustainable livelihoods among Alaska's communities and peoples.

Federation: EarthShare New England
Code: 999943

International relief and development agency empowering people impacted by conflict and disaster to recover and rebuild their lives with dignity.

Federation: Global Impact
Code: 31388

Advocates to end the killing of cats and lead the movement for their humane care.

Federation: Independent Charities of America
Code: 301599

To lead the fight to cure and treat ALS through cutting edge research and compassionate care and support for patients families and caregivers with ALS.

Federation: Community Health Charities
Code: 50188

ALTERNATIVES Pregnancy Center seeks to serve women involved in unplanned pregnancies by offering alternatives to abortion and post-abortion counseling. All services are free and confidential.

Federation: Unaffiliated
Code: 682455

Supports research dedicated to understanding Alzheimerís and to finding effective Alzheimerís treatments. Your contribution funds scientists searching for cures to Alzheimerís and aging related conditions.

Federation: Unaffiliated
Code: 111183

To eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

Federation: Community Health Charities
Code: 254677

Support and education for people with Alzheimer's Disease and their families in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Federation: Unaffiliated
Code: 109857

Photo: Shannon Power

Mike Belleville was a Senior Telecommunications Technician at Verizon for 18 years. He was a team leader problem solving some of the greatest challenges facing the system: September 11, Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, international roll-outs, government projects.

Providing guide, service, therapy, and military therapy dogs to disabled veterans, military and Veterans Administration hospitals, nursing homes, and combat stress units operating overseas.

Federation: Independent Charities of America
Code: 111385

A nationwide community based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer by preventing cancer ,saving lives and diminishing suffering through research, education, advocacy and service.

Federation: Unaffiliated
Code: 103992

Dedicated to restoring the keystone forest tree of the eastern United States, by locating blooming remaining American chestnut trees in Massachusetts and by breeding blight-resistant trees from Massachusetts "Mother Trees".

Federation: Unaffiliated
Code: 415514

The nation's foremost defender of civil liberties. Defends constitutional rights. Upholds free speech, religious liberty, equality, privacy, due process. Protects minorities, women, immigrants, the poor.

Federation: Unaffiliated
Code: 220388

The association's mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes through research, information and advocacy.

Federation: Community Health Charities
Code: 50588

Helping farmers and ranchers protect their land from development, produce a healthier environment, and build successful communities. Working to save the land that sustains us.

Federation: EarthShare New England
Code: 757488

AFS-USA works toward a more just and peaceful world by providing international and intercultural learning experiences to individuals, families, schools, and communities through a global volunteer partnership.

Federation: Unaffiliated
Code: 468876

Exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research and education and to reaching out to people with mood disorders and those affected by suicide.

Federation: Community Health Charities
Code: 111195