Supporting home ownership offers single mom pride, security, stability

Tracy Routhier’s sense of security was shattered when her landlord raised her rent over a year ago. She was suddenly forced to move with her 8-year-old daughter Leah. “It was like the rug got pulled out from under us,” she says. “I realized nothing would be secure unless I owned my own home.” For the next year, Tracy and Leah shared a room in a one-bedroom apartment, as Tracy saved money for her own home. This spring, she was disappointed again after realizing that she could not find a home within her preapproved
price range.

Tracy reached out to the Valley Community Development Corporation (CDC) for help. The agency improved her buying power by enrolling her in funding programs that would allow her to increase what she could borrow, make lower monthly payments, and earn nearly instant equity. By early summer, Tracy had closed on a cozy three-bedroom ranch in Easthampton, complete with a huge yard for Leah to play in. “She was able to stretch her income without putting herself at risk,” says the CDC’s Executive Director Joanne Campbell.

Mom and daughter on front stoop

Tracy is incredibly relieved that she will never be torn from her own home again. Now, instead of worrying, she is growing stronger, building equity in her home, and helping herself by drawing on the tools she was given. Overcome with emotion, she says, “I have so much gratitude.”

Valley CDC seeks to empower low and moderate income people and minorities to control and improve the quality of their lives. We accomplish this through the development of affordable housing, providing economic opportunities and encouraging community leadership.

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