Helping People With Disabilities to Realize Their Potential

Goodwill Industries of the Pioneer Valley provides jobs and job training for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

One of those people is Tim. Tim started at Goodwill 13 years ago. He was referred from another work program as a likely candidate for job training at our light manufacturing facility in Springfield. Tim could not seem to fit in at his previous program where he was often anxious and upset, unable to reach his full potential. In time, the Goodwill case managers and job coaches helped Tim learn techniques to manage his stress and anxiety; they helped Tim recognize the causes of stress and anxiety and then identify ways to resolve them. The Goodwill staff provided Tim with reading materials and a quiet room where he could step away from others to collect his thoughts. When staff talked to Tim they were always positive in their approach and helped him come up with his own methods to resolve inner conflicts.

When first arriving at Goodwill, Tim was given the opportunity to choose from the various subcontract jobs at Goodwill’s Light Manufacturing Area. He chose to work with Hasbro, assembling Barrel of Monkey parts. He was able to focus on his job and became extremely proficient at it. Tim next chose to work in the Assembled Screws and Plates component for Olympia Manufacturing Group, where he enjoyed the repetition of the task, was able to focus on his job, and became extremely proficient. Tim now works in the prep area of our Document Scanning Department. In this work area, he accurately separates car dealership files to prepare them for scanning. It is in this job that Tim has found the best fit. In this quiet, organized, smaller environment, Tim is able to excel.

Tim also recognized the need to expand his job potential; he now works at one of Goodwill’s retail stores one day each week. Tim enjoys jobs and looks forward to continuing with Goodwill Industries. Tim is one of the happiest people at Goodwill; always smiling no matter what job he is doing. He is happy to have a job and earn his own money to spend on things that he likes, especially books.

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