Heifer International: It’s More Than a Goat

How far can women go when equipped with the same resources as men? Incredibly far.

Empowering women and moving them toward self-reliance is a major factor in successfully improving families’ incomes and nutrition. That’s why we work with women in communities around the world struggling with hunger, and provide them with livestock and environmentally sound agricultural training as a means to begin building the foundation for a solid future.

​Sita Poudel received two goats from Heifer International in 1993. The goats and training made such a difference that she has dedicated her time to helping other women transform their own lives ever since.

Inspired by Heifer and a fervent desire to help others, Poudel started the Women’s Group Coordination Committee, her own nongovernmental organization, in Chitwan, Nepal. Today, nearly 500 women’s farming groups benefit from its work. Members of the Women’s Group Coordination Committee teach new members practical methods for raising livestock and operating businesses–the same things Poudel learned from Heifer two decades ago. This neighbor-training-neighbor approach has been quite effective. Since they already know each other and speak a common language, the lessons are easily understood and immediately implemented.

The result? Wildly successful women-led farming businesses that ultimately benefit entire communities. 

Check out the video below to learn more about Poudel's work empowering women in her community.

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